Welcone to Tuszewo - perennials nursery

we produce perennials in pots



for gardens green roofs  and other green areas


from Poland

Perennials, ornamental grasses and herbs nursery in Poland

Tuszewo perennial nursery offers perennials, ornamental grasses and herbs produced in containers (pots) P9, P11, P13, C1, C2 and larger.
On request we are able to produce plants in any container, as required by the customer.
Our offer is for wholesale customers (plants importers, shops and garden centers, webshops, landscape architects, gardens arraging companies etc.) and individual clients.
Details have included in the section offer.
We assist in the selection of appropriate species and give advice on the care of perennials, ornamental grasses and herbs.
Purchased perennials can be picked up on site at the nursery, or we can provide our own transport (terms and conditions are agreed individually) or send it by courier.

We are open for any kind of perennials, grasses and herbs production type. We can produce the exact plant you want to have !